November 30, 2015

118 Acres +/- Lancaster County, Nebraska Development potential for up to 7 acreages in a cluster.
159 Acres +/- Butler County: Nice irrigated farm with gently rolling to level sandy clay loam soils.
16 Acres +/- Lancaster County, Nebraska acreage. Nice farm house and outbuildings
Reasonably- priced, spacious lots with good schools nearby and within easy drive of three large metropolitan areas.
Farmland is a great investment, and we're always helping buyers locate the perfect farm property.
Maximize return on investment with AgriSun's farm management services, tailored to your long-term & short-term financial goals.

2015 Farmland Leasing:

Did you know that Nebraska law allows “carryover” or continuance of 2014 lease terms if they are not changed before September 1st, unless the current lease is in writing with a specific ending date? We can help you with up-to-date leasing terms that are fair for both parties involved. We have been helping farm landowners for over 25 years and can provide assistance. References are available on request.

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  • Buyers looking for a good investment and investors seeking “tax-free” exchanges.
  • Owners wanting to sell at the highest possible return or needing liquidation management.

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